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Who We Are

Pond Los Angeles is an independent prodcut design studio. Our foundation is rooted in beautiful design, which is the genesis of everything we create. Our founder spent over a decade as a designer at luxury brands such as Ralph Lauren and Giorgio Armani, and we are focused on infusing luxury DNA and beautiful design into everyday essentials.


Our Beginning

It all started with a simple idea - create a beautiful and functional all occasion bag that can keep up with modern women on the go.

With that in mind we created the Modern Bag, and officially launched through a crowdfunding campaign on Kickstarter. Thanks to our earliest supporters from 10 countries around the world, we surpassed our sales goal in less than one hour, and our simple idea became a reality.

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Our Mission

We believe that quality is not a luxury, but a necessity. Our mission is to create fairly priced, high quality items that combine smart functionality with clean, classic styles.

We use the same high end materials as the world's most prestigious luxury brands, although our products are priced at a fraction of what comparable designer brands would charge.

Unlike most designer brands, we don't charge an astronomical markup, and we've cut out the middlemen and fancy marketing budget that they build into their price.