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Care and Repair

The leather we use is a natural material made from cowhide. While it's durable and long lasting, it’s not indestructible, and could be irreparably damaged without proper care. To ensure the longevity of your leather goods, proper maintenance and usage of the bag can go a long way. We have a few simple tips that can help you keep your bag always looking its best.

- Avoid prolonged sun exposure, which could alter the color


- Avoid contact with alcohol, oily products, and ink, which could leave permanent marks on the leather.


- If the leather comes in contact with water, immediately wipe dry with a soft dry cloth.


- If the bag is used daily, we recommend a light cleaning every two weeks or so. Use a soft dry cloth and gently wipe down corners and any other areas that have dirt or visible stains on it.


- When outdoors, we recommend that you place your bag on a hook or chair if possible, to minimize any dirt build up or accidental scraping against the ground.


- To treat the leather, you can use a leather conditioner of your choice. Certain leather conditioners may react differently, and we recommend testing a little spot on bottom of the bag and let it dry before conditioning your entire bag. You may also take it to a reputable leather care professional if you’d rather leave it to the professionals.
- The edges on the bag are finished with a hand painted coating to protect the leather in these high contact areas, and the longevity of the coating will vary depending on how you use the bag.


- To prolong the integrity of the painted coating, please avoid dragging or tossing the bag, and also keep away from rough surfaces.


- If the painted coating is showing wear, you can simply take it to a leather care professional to have the edges repainted. If you wish to repaint the edges yourself, you can purchase the coating mixture online from a number of vendors.