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Transform Tote

Sale price$285.00

This structured tote is the ultimate do-it-all bag that you deserve. It's the perfect carryall for work, travel, and anywhere your day brings you. It features a spacious and organized interior for your essentials, a padded compartment for your laptop, side pockets for your drinks, and you can convert it into a backpack or crossbody. 

Crafted from premium American Saffiano leather that's waterproof and scratch-resistant, the Transform Tote will stay just as beautiful through all your travels and adventures.

    Transform Tote
    Transform Tote Sale price$285.00

    "Whether you want to wear it as a tote, crossbody, or backpack, this bag has enough storage for all your work needs. Its features include a laptop sleeve that fits a 15-inch laptop, side pockets for items as big as drink bottles, and a waterproof and scratch-proof exterior, making for a versatile bag that's built to last."



    Keep your on-the-go essentials and items safe and secure. Stay organized with the built in padded laptop compartment, spacious pockets, and secure zippered closure.



    We created the Transform Tote to be your go-to bag that you can take everywhere - wear it on the shoulder, as a backpack, crossbody, or hand carry.



    A roomy interior with smartly placed pockets allows for easy access. Packed with thoughtful details that make your day easier - featuring side pockets for your drinks, a zippered front compartment for your essentials, and an easy-access rear slip pocket for your smartphone.


    Made in luxurious saffiano leather, we designed the Transform Tote to be the ultimate work to travel and everything in between laptop bag

    Customer Reviews

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    Customer (Pennsylvania, United States)
    Exactly as Expected

    Okay, get ready for a long review, because I want to provide enough info for people who look for the same things I do and are maybe on the fence…

    I spent over two weeks trying to find a bag that was functional, professional, and not completely ugly before I finally narrowed it down between the Transform Tote and the Daily Tote.

    What made me choose this one? Versatility and materials. I adore the fact this bag has options on how you can wear it for your day, as well as feet on the bottom that keeps it mostly off the floor (heads up, the feet are rubber). I also liked the fact it was actually leather and the company shared the information on where, how, and who makes the bags.

    The shoulder straps are the right length, and I love that there is a piece to connect the two together, so that one doesn’t flop off your shoulder. This isn’t a snap though, it is a push through piece of metal. The only issue is that these cannot tuck in when wearing it as a backpack. I have flipped them to face against my back when wearing it as a backpack with the detachable straps hooked over to keep them in place, and they look decent like that. I was a bit concerned to just leave them flop in front in case someone grabs them and tries to pull me or pull the bag off when walking.

    The only thing that I was on the fence about when I purchased this bag was the fact that it did not have something to secure it to a luggage handle - but, when the bag showed up, there was an information card included that showed how to use the detachable straps and loops at the bottom of the bag to assist in securing it to the luggage handle. I would actually suggest the company put a photo of this functionality on the website, since it almost made me not buy the bag. I also really like the magnetic clasp that holds the laptop in. I hate the Velcro normally seen in laptop bags, so this was a definite benefit. Like other people mention, the laptop sleeve is definitely large, but I don’t see that as an issue.

    So, some other comments about the bag and shipping.

    First, the box arrived damaged (and took three weeks to arrive, which was expected). One corner of the box was completely smashed and ripped. Luckily, the bag inside was well packaged in packing material and further in plastic to prevent moisture. Since the bag itself is fine, this was not a huge deal (and, would have been the shipping company’s fault anyways). Also, you don’t need to download the Shop app to track your package. They do email you with the information.

    Second, I ordered this on warehouse clearance (which, I love that the company does this for bags not quite up to standard). I purchased this in black, since I expected to be going through airports and did not want to chance marks showing up on lighter material. The imperfections on it are minimal and exactly as described in the clearance description. The material flaws in the leather are only visible in certain lighting and the zipper not being as smooth isn’t a big deal. If you use both hands (one to zip and one to hold it straight, there is no problem.

    Third, while I absolutely adore the versatility, the detachable straps are still almost too long at their shortest when wearing as a backpack. I’m not short (5’9”), and the bag sits close to the back at the bottom with a gap at the top. I can see this being a pain point when the bag is full, as the weight will be distributed poorly. Still, this is better than carrying it just on one shoulder.

    Forth, again with the detachable straps. When I tested the backpack straps, the first thing I noticed was that the loops on the straps were getting twisted and turning where they double over to shorten. So, every time I go to put it on as a backpack, I need to adjust each strap to make sure they are smooth. This would probably be corrected with a heavier fabric for the straps or some sort of loop to keep them from twisting.

    Fifth, I was kind of sad this didn’t come with or include the option for a dust bag. Not a deal breaker, but just a FYI.

    Sixth, the metal loops do not stay flush against the bag when the detachable straps are removed. So, you may need to adjust them back against the bag when wearing. I don’t see a problem with this for me, as they are very unobtrusive. I do know some people who may be irritated with this, so needed to mention.

    Seventh, the liner is light, both in weight and in color. I like both of these factors, though there can be downsides. First, though a heavier fabric may keep the liner pocket sturdier, it would increase the weight of the bag. Second, though the lighter fabric may be easier to stain, you can see everything very well inside because it is so light - no black hole that you lose stuff in.

    Overall, without having a chance to test out the bag yet through an airport, I don’t regret the purchase. It seems very sturdy and looks professional. The downsides I mentioned are more personal opinion than actually something that I...

    Perfect bag for work

    This bag is perfect for work. It holds all of my essentials. I did purchase a bag organizer from amazon for more storage and to keep the inside clean because the lining is a light tan color. The crossbody strap comes in handy in the moment you have to be hands free. I also really like the laptop holder but I use it mostly for documents and folders. My favorite part of the bag is the front zipper pocket. I am able to store my concealed handgun in the pocket holder along with 2 magazines and they stay in place. I have the compact Sig Sauer P365. I don’t have to add a bulky purse holster. So for you ladies that need a concealed carry purse for work, this bag is a great option.

    E.R. (Florida, United States)
    Debated this purchase for months - so glad I bought this purse!

    Much like other reviewers, I have been stalking this purse for quite some time. It’s obviously beautiful, but I wasn’t sure I could justify getting another purse (I have a similarly sized, navy blue bag with a single main compartment and no other organization from that has been serviceable, if a bit boring). Then I discovered the warehouse sale, and after several weeks of debating, finally decided to buy the Transform Tote. I can now say that if you are at all debating purchasing this bag, you won’t be disappointed!

    Here are a few things I was concerned about that ended up pleasantly surprising me:

    - I was afraid the peony color, while gorgeous, would be closer to a baby pink and not match as much of my wardrobe as I hoped. It turns out the color is a much truer blush pink that leans more taupe and is warmer than the pictures would suggest. I love that, because it really makes this bag a true neutral, while still being more interesting than your basic black.
    - I thought the bag would be huge and overwhelming on my frame (I am 5‘5“ and 120 pounds), but it’s not at all. It’s certainly not a small bag, but it doesn’t look like anything you could fit a toddler in 😉
    - Some reviewers have said it looks like a diaper bag, but I couldn’t disagree more. I don’t intend to use the cupholders on the side to ensure it keeps its elegant shape, but this is just a really clean, sophisticated work purse.
    - I was a little concerned that the hardware to attach the straps would detract from the bag, but the hardware is really clean and simple, so it doesn’t muck up the look.
    - I love all of the pockets and zipper compartments for organization and can say they are a lifesaver!

    Just the tiniest little cons to note:

    - The backpack straps don’t tighten up enough for me to be able to wear the bag as a backpack without it sagging a lot. That’s OK with me, because I was never really going to wear it that way.
    - The top of the bag does not zip end to end, meaning there are a few places left open on the very far sides of the bag. Again, not at all a big deal, but if you are looking for a purse that closes completely in the main compartment, note this does not do that.
    - The main pocket is very roomy, but I lose quite a bit of space if I put my Surface Pro 7 (13.9 screen, I believe) in the pouch in the skinny protective sleeve I usually tote it in. Other reviewers are correct that the sleeve in the purse is extra roomy, so it is going to jostle about a bit. But it’s padded and the magnet closure is quite secure, so I don’t plan to use the protective sleeve now.

    Ultimately, I’m so satisfied with this purchase. If you can snag one on clearance, I highly recommend it! I bought this bag at nearly half off and it has the tiniest little dent in the material on the front - you’d only notice it if you were studying the bag closely (bottom left in the picture).

    I hope this review helps others who spend as much time debating purchases as me! Allow me to give you some time back in your life and confirm this is a purchase you should make!

    Tina T. (Ontario, Canada)
    Looooooveeeee the Transform Tote

    This is the best tote of my life. I got it for work. The selling point for me was the many pockets and the outside ones easy for keys a mask and other things you need to access conveniently. I also carry a water bottle and coffee cup to work so the outside pockets perfectly fit those. The material is such good quality and my laptop fits. Its honestly just my best purchase. I love it so much.

    Better quality & better thought out ..LOVE!

    Better quality & better thought out design to make life on the go easier ( I use this bag for law school)!! This bag is actually better than other brands that go for the same price!! (Dagne Dover). I had to get this bag in Stone/cream color because I had just gotten a black Tote for my birthday, but I will be saving money to buy this bag in black! It’s a perfect bag for every occasion!